Fro’ing it

Fro’ing it
7th September 2015 Andreé Marie

My hair has been on such a journey since my bad experience with the free from frizz blow dry I had. I decided to shave off my hair again and then just again. Since then I have basically been wearing my hair in a wig and treating my hair underneath, about 3 month I got Vicks to cut it into a shape so I can wear my hair out more. Turns out that I have changed since last year, and though I love the cut, i didn’t feel it suited at the shorter length, so again i went back to my hair journey…. I am not a person who worries too much about my hair as I prefer a protective style, but damn I wanted to wear my hair out this summer! Long story short, it is at the length I love now and I will let it be and enjoy it at every stage. My routine as it stands is pretty simple; detangle, wash, condition/treat, moisturise, seal and canerow (leave hair out for 2/3 days to breathe)…018 025

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