Finally 24 and cupcake love

Finally 24 and cupcake love
17th May 2010 Hair

So it was my born-day celebrations over the weekend and though I did nothing spectacular I had a blast all the same (just a lunch and day out out with my closest), I am amazed that the years have flown by so quickly! I remember being 18 like it was yesterday but alas…that was 6 years ago! I always look back every year and think of the lessons that life has taught me and this year I came up with 4 (plus one which is on repeat every year!) which I twittered so you might have seen them before:
  • Dreams can come true
  • “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get” Thanks Gump
  • Showing love to those you care about, because love matters
  • Sometimes its only about chasing those who will let you catch up with them
  • Gratitude and humbleness… a must! (this is the repeated one!)

On another note I also discovered Hummingbird bakery recently and this is definitely a success story! I have no clue why I haven’t  been myself there more often but that is the past, a new friendship has developed and I will return for my vanilla indulgences. xx

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