Events: Redken Tribe

Events: Redken Tribe
1st December 2009 Hair

I went to this event in September with both Sandra and Rodney at CoCo in Mornington Crescent.
The show kicked off on time with a choir singing like a Prayer, there were technical difficulties but nothing that made the night a miss! There were different mini hair shows and winners were announced from the Redken competition. It was a night of many more to come with friendly surroundings and drinks flowing atr the bar. I am so grateful to Sandra for inviting me as it was a last minute thing where i got called on the day. Here are some pics that were taken on the night. Kisses. xxx

The choir kicked off the show
Our presenter on the night
the amigos
Sandra and rod
one of the hairshows
singing Young hearts run freee! Her hair was Massive!
The finale of a good night.

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