Events| ORS in Paris… Boucles d’ebenes

Events| ORS in Paris… Boucles d’ebenes
15th June 2013 Andreé Marie
scope machine
Dr Hair himself

I spent the beginning of the month in Paris for the weekend with ORS (rebranded Organic Roots Stimulator), the point of us being there? to represent the company, analyse peoples scalp using the scope, sell products and bring product awareness. Being that it was my first two weeks as part of the company it was a little overwhelming, but I settled right in and completely forgot how tired I was until I crashed in the hotel room every night. The great thing about Paris was eating my guilty pleasure ‘grec’ sandwich, I am being more healthy as time goes on but those sandwiches are such a guilty pleasure! I can’t say that I have ever been in love with Paris, I am not phased by the eiffel tower and find that the roads are just too small amongst other things, but I can’t help but feel happy when I get there as most of my family are there and its home to my papa and little sisters, seeing them lifted my spirit and we shared a great weekend. Back to the natural event, being that it was it’s first year running, boucles d’ebene had a good turn out, people were enthusiastic about all things natural and I gained information about products such as shea moisture and hairinfinity. It was exhausting translating in french but also great fun, I hope to be at the event again next year….

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