Events| No Scrunchie Salon awards

Events| No Scrunchie Salon awards
4th November 2014 Andreé Marie

I hardly go out these days or even have a reason to dress up, so I made an effort when my friend Tola invited me to the No scrunchie awards at the L’Oreal Academy. Held Sunday 2nd November, my lovely Shevelle and I made it to the the second part of the event (traffic was ridiculous) It was a small affair and as per I saw people from the industry that I always bump into. Though I am a bubbly person, it takes me a while to get the courage to talk to people as i am a little shy but with my mingling friends I felt at ease to talk and laugh with people I had never met and discover other great salons. Its great to know that there is something out there aiming to make salon experiences better and congratulating salons on their hard work. Keep up the work No scrunchie x066 070 072 074 075 055 056 059 062 064

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