Event| Lets Talk Hair

Event| Lets Talk Hair
21st December 2015 Andreé Marie

A few weeks ago I was invited to an evening in Birmingham to visit and blog about George Kosit’s newest hair salon event about Hair, I happily obliged as I have mentioned on my youtube channel, I really want to stay motivated and going to hair events; staying current and supporting other hairdressers is definitely going to help with that.

The first part of the event (which was probably the best for me) was a talk by Jackie Mackintosh educator of Avlon education amongst other amazing titles (sidebar; I think going in I didn’t know what to expect, which made the evening even better), she broke down a lot of the hair myths that most clients truly believe in and corrected them with both science and hair knowledge. I have been doing this hair thing a while but I truly enjoyed her talk, I realised that talking at clients is so different to talking TO clients, relationship building is so important when it comes to your hair and paying attention the needs of your client is a number one factor.

After the talk there was a brief talk about makeup and demonstration and then George showed how to work natural hair with the Kera care Natural Range followed by the Texture release and how it is different to keratin  treatment but also healthy for the hair. The talk and demonstrations lasted about 2 hours and after that we enjoyed food and visited the different stations available, there was a Make Up station where you could get your questions answered about how to apply your make and be educated a little by the professionals, Jackie and Janine had a scope to analyse your scalp to evaluate the health of your hair and recommend what could be done; you could also buy Avlon products at a discounted price and last but not least the FOOD, I ate ackee for the first time (trust me i eat carribean food all the time but i just never got around to ackee) and enjoyed my jerk wings and fried chicken.

Overall I really enjoyed the event, it made me really appreciate what the power of knowledge can do and as usual I left a little more motivated and determined.

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