Do you recognise me?

Do you recognise me?
14th August 2011 Hair
A change has come! I have become a baldy to start over again. Even though the rest of my hair was really healthy, where tracks were constantly placed started to thin, it was really frustrating and I ended up constantly trimming my hair. I have been wanting to shave my hair for about 3 months now, mainly because of curiosity, so three days ago, after many hours of unnecessary contemplating (and calling my bestie and doing a quick questionnaire with a few closest) Vicksen cut it off for me! Woop Woop, I have cut my hair really low before but I wasn’t as comfortable with it, now it’s a different story… I don’t have a plan of what is to come next but I do know that I like it.

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  1. Anonymous 10 years ago

    I love it. You’ve got such a strong face you could do anything with your hair. Your head is a nice shape as well.

  2. Andree Marie 10 years ago

    Thank you so much xxxx

  3. Miss OAK 10 years ago

    Love Love Love! You’re so tempting me

  4. Stephanie 10 years ago

    Beautiful!!! praises to the stylist that did it, there must of been a lot of pressure on their shoulders haha. x

  5. Laurely Spice 10 years ago

    Good for you. I did that about a year ago. You look beautiful. Let me know if you find anything for the thinning. the middle of my head is thinner than the rest so let me know…


  6. Henessy 10 years ago


  7. Natalie 10 years ago

    Looks fantastic and you look beautiful! x

  8. Anonymous 10 years ago

    You look REGAL!

  9. AmarieLuvs 10 years ago

    Stunning! It really suits you 🙂

  10. Andree Marie 10 years ago

    Thank you guys for all your lovely comments…so nice xxx

  11. Sankofa 10 years ago

    Love this Marie! You look absolutely stunning.

  12. Mooyane 10 years ago

    You are So beautiful my sister I love you Patate <3

  13. Andrea Fenise 10 years ago

    I love it!!!!! Beautiful!

  14. Tracy Reid 10 years ago

    Omg!! You look absolutely gorgeous darling. X

  15. Pretty Lashes 10 years ago

    i know im verrryyyy lste but you look stunning!

  16. Andree Marie 10 years ago

    aw thanks babe xx

  17. Marilou 9 years ago


  18. NubianA 9 years ago

    WOW !! looking very nice, natural and beautiful… been thinking about doing the same for 2 weeks now… what an inspiration

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