15th February 2010 Hair

Monday is here again and its a start of a wonderful week!
One of the many reasons why I started weaving my hair was so I could see how versatile I could be, however, I have found myself being pretty boring and just sticking to straight hair rather than trying to jazz it up a little for different occasions. Enough I say…after work on Saturday I asked my co-worker to curl my bob as I was going out and felt a time for change was overdue. My plan, if i didnt like it, was just to wash my hair as its due for a wash in the next few days and so I had nothing to lose. I loved the end result! Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to capture a picture of the do on the night but here is one that I twittered while I was out.

To achieve the look all you need is:

  • a pair of straighteners (GHDs were used on mine)
  • KMS Medium holding spray, or a holding spray which still allows you to run your fingers through your hair
  • pins (to wrap at night if you can be bothered!!)

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  1. Ms. T 11 years ago

    Love the looks!

    Check me out
    Become a follower!

    Thanks Ms. T

  2. Andree I did not know u blog! I love it!

    Check out (MINE)

    They are by some of the LSIC girls of which I am one. Check facebook for the Life…n living it group and u’ll c who’s in that blog.

  3. Andree Marie 11 years ago

    aw thanks sweetie. x

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