Choosing a hairstyle for you

Choosing a hairstyle for you
6th November 2010 Hair

Finding a great hairstyle for you can be a task sometimes so here are some suggestions to help you:

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  • Do your research on hairdressers (if you dont already have one) and salons, those with great credentials are some of the best to go to, check their work by looking at photoshoots they have done, competitions they have entered and if they have one on their websites. Also ask around word of mouth is a great way of advertising!
  • If you are not sure about a cut call your hairdresser for a consultation so that he/she can talk you through the cut and help you come to a decision
  • Look for similar hairstyles to the one you want online, through magazines and bring them to the salon so that your stylist has a visual idea of what you would like
  • How easy is your hairstyle? If you are an up and go type of person then you need a hairstyle that requires low maintenance
  • An important factor to remember is your hair texture, some hairstyles are great for thick hair but not so much for those with thinner hair or curly hair
  • Get a cut which compliments your face. Know what your face shape is and what suits it, your hairstyle should bring out your features not hide them, having said that you will never know what suits you until try (well sometimes anyway!)
  • Don’t expect your cut to be the exact copy of the one you see on celebrities, friends etc. I remember the first time I went for my first relaxed haircut at 18 I walked into the hairdressers with a picture of Nia Long and a set mind set of what it was going to look like. My hairdresser gave me the best advice which I have carried with from that day forward, she told me not expect my hair to come out exactly like Nia’s because a) we have different hair texture and b) she is an actress and could have spent hours preparing that fabulous hairstyle. In short, tweak the hairstyle so that it suits you .
  • TIP: sometimes when I research hairstyles I also look at mens haircuts. I had one one last year, and I LOVED IT. So when looking for your do don’t stop just at the women’s section.
  • TIP: If you are stuck on the imagination front, ask your hairdresser to give you simple tips on how to look after your style and maybe 5 styles that you could do at home for day and night to change it up, trust me they help.

Love as always Andree xx

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  1. Henessy 10 years ago

    Love this!! I know for sure that alot of research is needed when going for a new cut or a new hair stylist. Great tips.

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