• Sep162016

    Customised unit for Lola

    Customised units are one of my favourite things to do in hairdressing, there is something about creating a piece that…

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  • Sep112016

    Andree Marie Pop Up

    It’s been a week since the first pop up and looking back at it, it was a joyful experience. Leading…

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  • Aug102016

    My first pop up shop

    I have wanted to do a pop up event for years and recently after a little push I decided to…

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  • Feb222016

    Shooting| Y-Hair and AM Units

    It is so good to work with a team who understand your vision, it allows for the work to be…

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  • Dec302015

    Thoughts| End of year and 7 years later

    I am so excited for the forth coming year, I turn 30 (arghhhhh) and I can sense that there are…

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