Afro Hair

  • Aug192015

    Salon Work| Long bob

    My client J is a typical long hair girl but every so often she gets bored and wants to branch…

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  • Aug182015

    Product Spotlight| Miss jessie’s Coily Custard

    I recently went to Canada and Used a few products that I found quite cool to work with, although I…

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  • Aug162015

    Salon Work|Pixie with a bang

    I love my client U she has thisck hair which can be challenging when doing a short cut as when…

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  • Aug132015

    Bridal series| Loose bun

    This past weekend, I spent a day in Newcastle, It’s crazy because I am both jet lagged and tired from…

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  • Aug122015

    salon Work| Bob from beginning to end

    It is so rare that I can show a video of me doing hair from beginning to end, My client…

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