Afro Hair

  • Nov242015

    Salon Work|Curls

    I am always telling my clients to get hairstyles that bring out their features and allows them to play around…

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  • Nov152015

    Salon Work|Deep side cut

      I love when client’s come in and want something different, I recently went on a NY trip to take the…

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  • Sep092015

    Salon Work| 90’s cut

    I am trying topo get my clients to strep out of their comfort zone, whilst still remaining in it, if…

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  • Sep072015

    Fro’ing it

    My hair has been on such a journey since my bad experience with the free from frizz blow dry I…

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  • Sep062015

    Salon Work| Not so pixie Cut

    Have you ever had a client walk in and you envision a certain hairstyle on them? then they request exactly…

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