Brocato Demi smoothing

Brocato Demi smoothing
10th July 2012 Hair
I do so many Keratin Treatments now I decided to do another video which shows a snippet of what the process is like. I am thinking I should do another Questions and answers on both Arosci and Brocato (both keratin treatments) in either a video or written form for you guys. Which would you prefer? Let me know all your questions below whether they are general or specific and I will be sure to answer.

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  1. AmarieLuvs 8 years ago

    Hi Andree, what would be the best way to achieve the straight look (just like in the video above) on kinky curls? I want to straighten my hair but want to be able to revert to my curls whenever I want. 🙂

  2. Andree Marie 8 years ago

    Hi hun,
    You could do a press which would achieve this look or you could try the brocato blow out system which lasts up to 6 weeks. Your hair will go back to normal and it’s not a full demo smoothing treatment. Hope that helps x

  3. AmarieLuvs 8 years ago

    Yes that does thank you 🙂

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