Brocato: Cloud 9 Blowout Miracle repair

Brocato: Cloud 9 Blowout Miracle repair
17th September 2012 Hair
Lulu turns 14 tomorrow and I decided to give her a bit of a change from the normal afro look and do a blowout. I used the Cloud 9 Blowout on her as I felt that the finish would look amazing.
The finish was so smooth and better than I expected on her, it was smooth from root to tip and left her hair feeling bouncy yet very straight. The serum itself is very light and and doesn’t smoke whilst being activated with heat which is a great thing for me because I always get a little alarmed when there is too much smoke when I blowdry. I have been using the blowout for a while and definitely recommend it for all hair types, definitely a keeper!
until next time….

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  1. Andrea Fenise 8 years ago

    Her hair has gotten so long. It’s very pretty

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