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blend blend blend
13th July 2011 Hair

Blending hair always seems to be an issue for people especially when they have coloured and want it to blend with their extensions. It really is not that hard and doesn’t need to cause you any headache, nor will you necessarily need to completely change your hair colour just to match your weave (and if you do remember to condition, colouring hair can make your hair dry). I wanted to share a few tips on different hair textures and colour too.

Sha has grown out honey coloured  hair so I used one track on the top track to help blend
  • You need to find the colour that best matches yours (If you have highlights, either find the most dominant colour or highlight your weave)
  • Hair can be blended better by not leaving an immense amount of leave out, especially if your hair is quite short. In that case the less you leave out the better * Note that the longer your hair is the easier it is to blend so you can have more leave out.
  • If you have tracks (rows of weave) then add in layers to avoid a step in the hair
  • If you can divide the wefts then do, it make it less bulky making it easier to blend on the top track, resulting in a flat top track.
  • If you have wavy hair, I find it best to twist the hair with your hair to match, use some leave in conditioner for it to hold also. take the sections larger or smaller depending on how you want the curls to be
  • If your weave has big curls, you need to get out those bendy rollers or tongs (if you do then use a heat protector)
I will be making a video so you guys are able to see what I mean, but until then, hope these little tips help.

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