Beauty| Revolutions Highlighter

Beauty| Revolutions Highlighter
14th April 2014 Hair
Makeup Revolution highlighter was one of the goodies I received from the brand last week and I really wanted to try it as soon as possible. Looking at the product I instantly thought it would be too bright for me, testing it on my hand I was suprised that it gave me a slight highlight, I used this just above my blusher to bring out my cheekbones a little bit more. The highlighter gives me a shimmer that I like and doesn’t look too ashy, I really dislike an ashy tone so was happy with the result. I am more of a bronzer girl that gives more of a glowing tan look but I can definitely say that the highlighter is a look that I like and will try out more.
I can’t  complain for a mere £4 you are getting a bargain! Revolution is available on super drug online 


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