Babyliss Pro: Conical wand

Babyliss Pro: Conical wand
18th October 2010 Hair


I first spotted the wand a few years ago whilst browsing a hair video on the internet and was really impressed with the results I saw, I guess by now you know that I am a big fan of curls so of course I would have the Babyliss Conical wand in my kit.

The wand comes with /has:

  • 25 heat settings (which are set for all hair types from synthetic to afro hair),
  • a booklet of instructions,
  • a heat matt,
  • heat protective gloves
  • six month guarantee.
  • a soft touch handle for a nice grip
  • 3 different sizes 9-16mm, 13-25mm and 19-36mm

When I first used the wand whilst I was training I burnt nearly every single finger and was left extremely annoyed when I found that there was such a thing as the three fingered protective gloves it came with (which I still rarely use), but with a little bit of practice and technique its a much easier task than it used to be. The wand heats up within 30 seconds and you can achieve curls just as quickly too, I tend to wrap the hair around the wand and wait about 6 seconds before letting go.

I recommend it to those of you who want easy-ish curls because  lets be fair the wand does/might take some getting used to. The trick that helps avoid burnt fingers is to wrap the hair around the wand going towards the thinner end of the wand and resting your fingers on the cool tip, or furthermore practice with the gloves, though I do plea that Babyliss invest in making full gloves as even though they are helpful, the three finger gloves just isn’t for me. Remember that it comes in different sizes and you should purchase the one that you feel most matches the thickness of your hair or the curls you would like to achieve. babyliss products are are really easy to find but I purchased mine at (they have great discounts).

Result, Pee’s Curls i did with the 19-32mm wand in the salon

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  1. VexintheCity 10 years ago

    Pretty waves! I’ve used mine ONCE! It'[s gathering dust under my bed somewhere!

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