Andree Marie Pop Up

Andree Marie Pop Up
11th September 2016 Andreé Marie
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It’s been a week since the first pop up and looking back at it, it was a joyful experience. Leading up to the day, I was quite nervous about the outcome and everyone having enough clients including myself; on the morning of, everything fell into the place, the venue was bigger than I remembered and the set up was swift! In the front we had the welcoming Prosecco drinks (Shloer for those who didn’t drink alcohol) and cupcakes  by Roxsy’s delights. All the stylists were positioned at the front ready to work, downstairs was the Immaculé hair consult room, while at the back of the venue we had Henessy’s comfy make-up consultation area, just besides her we had the DJ setting the vibes with everything from current uptempo songs to old school garage and bashment creating a low key party but chill vibe.

In all honesty I would be lying if I say the day didn’t fly by, friends and family came to wish me well, we had walk -ins and just an all round great vibe. Those who know me, know I am all about sharing the love, as a community we need to share and be good to one another, I love the people I worked with so working with them again brought back memories and of course created a new ones this time established by ourselves. Look out for another Pop Up shop in the next few months…


Dry cut


Hair by Rianna dry press


VickSen Styles dry press


Henessy working her magic on the makeup


Florence working on the cornrows


Rianna working a dry cut and style


The team; L-R Florence, Char and Rianna

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  1. Roxy 7 years ago

    It was amazing that day! The atmosphere, the professionalism! Marie happy to help with any questions about how to maintain my hair! Please please please do another one! X

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