AM Units are here

AM Units are here
21st February 2016 Andreé Marie
In Afro Hair, Hair Extensions

Andree Marie units are here!!! Well the shop is anyway, its been a long time coming, and while I originally just wanted to add a shop section to the site it became a whole sit revamp, new page, new chapter and all that jazz. Nothing great comes easily or within your comfort zone so this new challenge is one that will be amazing i’m sure as well as a learning curve. I wanted to add a touch to the perruques/units and so what better way than to name them after people who have supported me along the way and whom I love, the units are named after my friends/sisters. I have always made it clear that I want to promote healthy hair, your way. Wigs are not an escape but another way to preserve your hair whilst looking fabulous. When I launched the wig service last year, I learnt a lot and with feedback I have made some of the popular units easier to purchase whilst keeping an element of the custom units to it. You can now shop the units with the hair included. Units are available in the UK/Europe/Australia/Canada and USA (we will expand soon)

Henessy – is a short bob named after the bestie, it’s a style I have always loved on her and one that I got to practice a lot. The style is great for women who want to try something different but who may not be willing to go for that big chop.

Nella – Nella was what I called a surprise because she came unexpectedly, I never used to be so keen on what is now called the LOB (long bob) but really loved this look on her and so I had to make it available for those who liked a little bit of a mid length, the sharp cut adds a classic touch to it whilst keeping it still simple

Shade – pronounced as the singer Sade, this unit is named after my ride or die, her love for longer lengths and ombre colours before it was even a thing forced my knowledge of colour to come to light. The unit is available in both colour and natural ones

Tola – I couldn’t do a range without adding afro textures especially when it reflects on Tola’s real hair! Being a chocolate girl like me and experimenting with different colours when I stick to black is what inspired this unit (also available in natural colours)

Custom units – I had to leave it up to you guys to still be able to make your orders as you liked, with an element of uniqueness, you can also add your own picture so I can see your face and make the units to suit your features.

Let the journey begin….

henessy Nella shade tola

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