Alternative to plaiting using thread

Alternative to plaiting using thread
27th June 2011 Hair
I was reminded last week that of an alternative way of braiding hair for the base of a weave,. I mainly use this method (not too often, but still used) when hair is too short, or painful to catch into a canerow. Here are some pictures of how it turned out .
Benefits of using thread:
  • I only sew the net to the hair, once the net is sewed on, the weave is then attached only to the net leaving your hair alone underneath your style
  • Using thread is not a tight technique, just one to put your hair away in a neat manner.
  • I use this technique for people who are growing out a short hairstyle or have short hair and want a weave. There is no straining like you would get with braiding.

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Comments (3)

  1. Annette 9 years ago

    Love This.. Henerittra looks beautiful as always.
    What is the benefit of braiding like how you demonstrated? What is different in terms of the hair?

  2. Andree Marie 9 years ago

    thanks hun, I wrote them in the post in case anyone else asks xx

  3. **OnYxStA** 9 years ago

    oh wow! This sounds so cool! I think I wanna try this when I decide to put weave in my hair again


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