Alternative Fashion week: 21/04/2010

Alternative Fashion week: 21/04/2010
23rd April 2010 Hair

Final day for me!

Wednesday was more relaxed, I went to the show feeling a little sad that I would not continue on to do the last two day but happy that I had attended at all. the designers who I helped out only wanted buns and pretty simple hairstyles, so for me it was all about slicking that hair all back.
Yesterday was my final day assisting at the show as I am back at work and couldn’t be at two places at once. I really appreciate the experience as I feel that always being in a salon is not what hairdressing is always all about, I feel as though I went on a mini holiday and have learnt so much from other hairdressers and the people who organised the event, this is another experience that I can pocket and say I have done. let me know what you think.

 Had an interesting experience putting this together…but  no its not a hat!
 Hen and I on our last day at Alternative fashion Week

Kisses xx

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