About Me| Hairdressing, hopes and dreams

About Me| Hairdressing, hopes and dreams
6th March 2014 Hair
I got asked a few questions via email and via my videos and I thought this would be as good time as any to do  a video about me, my thought process and how I came about being a hairdresser. I am ever so grateful for  the people I call my foundation (you know who you are) who really helped boost my confidence even more and helped me along the way. I think it is extremely important to have positive people in your life, it wasn’t always that way for me as some had to be convinced to believe but I definitely feel like even the negative should boost you to do more as in a way, you really have to ask yourself, am I living for you or myself? Hope you guys enjoy the video and it gives you an insight into my life….
I am also fascinated by everybody’s stories, feel free to write them down too xx


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