A Change…

A Change…
2nd June 2015 Andreé Marie










Around 6.5 years ago (give or take) I met a person that I can now call a sister, it’s funny how you can meet someone and not be too keen on them and then years later, you can’t imagine a life without them in it. Vicks has decided to end her time at Sandra Webb to be freelancer and I couldn’t be happier for her, we have had discussions about staying stagnant in life and different ways to avoid it. In life you need a change and stepping away from the familiar is sometimes the best way. I am sad that I won’t have my work buddy with me but I am so proud that she leaping into the unknown. We celebrated her with a small do at the salon which was emotional but needed and with old members of staff members who have grown into my family, I can’t help but be grateful for stepping into Sandra webb salon all those years ago.IMG_3380 IMG_3393 IMG_3444 IMG_3454 IMG_3458 IMG_3473

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