A bit of moisture…

A bit of moisture…
8th January 2012 Hair
I am loving how easy going my hair is, as I mentioned previously since the Black hair and Beauty awards I stopped cutting my hair down to the same level and decided to see how far that will take me. The aim is to eventually have shoulder length hair…I have learnt to like my hair at every stage and am so patient with it, why wasn’t I like this about my relaxed hair???!!

My hair routine is pretty simple at the moment, I wash my hair with 1st lather shampoo and Hydrating Shampoo every two weeks and once a week I Co-wash my hair with Cleansing Cream by Kera care Natural Textures followed by Humecto conditioner (or anything moisturising). In the last few months, vegetable glycerine has become my best friend. It is a natural product with a sweet syrup like taste, it is colourless, clear and with no odour, if you take the time to look at a lot of beauty and hair products, you will spot glycerine/glycerol in the ingredients. Glycerine is a fantastic natural product which helps retain moisture especially when added with water which is why it is so popular in skin and hair products. Taking that on board, I mix it with water in a spray bottle (half glycerine and the other half water) with a teaspoon of essential oils and use it every other day to keep my hair hydrated and fresh. I use Butter Cream also in the natural Textures range as an everyday moisturiser and alternate between that and the Glycerine everyday. I find that my hair is better for it as its always moisturised. My hair routine may change slightly as my hair grows but this one is perfect for keeping my little afro well groomed at the moment. What are your hair routines?


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  1. Marilou 9 years ago

    Cool post, I really love your hair length like this, and the statement necklace is gorgeous!

  2. Andree Marie 9 years ago

    Thanks sweetie @ Marilou i actually saw it on henny first, then randomly saw when I was shopping last week.

  3. Andrea Fenise 9 years ago

    I have been natural for 10 years but I have straightened the entire time due to not know how to properly moisturize my hair. Thank you for this post. I will go grab some glycerine today.


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