Monday, 14 April 2014

Beauty| Revolutions Highlighter

Makeup Revolution highlighter was one of the goodies I received from the brand last week and I really wanted to try it as soon as possible. Looking at the product I instantly thought it would be too bright for me, testing it on my hand I was suprised that it gave me a slight highlight, I used this just above my blusher to bring out my cheekbones a little bit more. The highlighter gives me a shimmer that I like and doesn't look too ashy, I really dislike an ashy tone so was happy with the result. I am more of a bronzer girl that gives more of a glowing tan look but I can definitely say that the highlighter is a look that I like and will try out more.
I can't  complain for a mere £4 you are getting a bargain! Revolution is available on super drug online 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Hair| Snip snip again

I did it again, mainly because I could not be patient and wait to cut the hair off from my Free From Frizz episode. As I told you guys before the hair I wasn't a big fan of my new do and in some ways felt trapped to wear wigs everyday as I couldn't achieve a good twist out like I used to. I'm a simple girl and want a simple hair life and routine, so waiting to do was was inevitable just didn't make any sense to me anymore, I just had to cut and start again. What I learnt in the last few years is that 4c hair requires low manipulation and grows better when left alone, I intend to do just that, play around with wigs but braids and weaves are out. I can't promise that I won't keep cutting as I enjoy my hair at different lengths as long as it stays healthy. 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Beauty| Revolution make up launch

I have decided to broaden my horizons a little more, make this space a bit more beauty based, of course I will not steer away from hair as its whats got me here and what I do , I will interject some makeup up too as the two coincide so well together. This is a late post, but last week I was invited to the launch and sampling of REVOLUTION makeup in central London, you guys already know I am a lipstick girl so I was really inquisitive about the line and what it had to offer. Having heard no buzz about it, I didn't have an opinion either. Launching on Superdrug online on 9th April (today), Makeup Revolution is a very affordable  high street brand (ranging from £1-£12) with a wide range of products to cater for different people..
Aweome Eyeshadow palettes & Eyebrow palette: £4

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Event| HAIRvolution

I am happy to work alongside a brand that produces some excellent products, ORS held an event in Brick lane for their newest product and part of the HAIRepair range, with a relaxer already available, they have added their own straightening and strengthening treatment to it. The range is pretty simple and straightforward having its own shampoo and conditioner alongside a silkening serum. With ingredients such as coconut oil, aloe vera and wheat protein, it does make me feel better as so many of these strengthening products have ingredients that I have never heard of. I like the idea of this product more because it I would use it on clients who are looking to transition , strengthen their relaxed hair or stretch out their relaxer, Ialways  get a little worried about the hair reverting back to curly but having realised that because our hair tends to have different textures then of course the product will pick up on that, the trick is to use low heat to avoid heat damage, protect the hair and not to over use the product. 

The event was a pleasure, I went along with fellow blogger and one of the closest to see what it was all about, held in the private room of the bowling alley there was food, lots of virgin mojitos, an Instagram instant photo machine, a bowling competition  and a table of natural ingredients to make your own hair scrub. I made myself a few including a sugar face mask and a pepper and neem scalp scrub (I made a lot more just don't want to expose myself too much hehe)I will definitely blog about how I found these very soon. It was lovely to see some of people I worked with last year and also the new brand ambassadors too.
ORS Straightening and strengthening Treatment is avaialble in your local hair stores now.
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